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How to configure the factory?

Configuring the factory on Production Loss Analysis Software is simple as ABC. All you or your team have to do is understand that the system has a hierarchical multi-level structure that can be represented as a site tree. In descending order, you have Plant, Areas, Lines, and Machines.

So, in the actual configuring of the factory, you have to provide all the necessary values for each level based on the structure.

How does Production Loss Analysis Software determine the plan cost and the actual cost? 

The software automatically calculates the plan cost for each node with a predefined formula once you have the factory configured. Note that the calculated values will be set into four resources.

You have to provide the actual cost instead of calculating it.

How do I visualize the difference between actual cost and plan cost?

Using multiple diagrams such as Sankey, Sunburst, and Site Tree, the production cost calculation software visualizes the difference between the actual cost and the plan cost. Via bar charts, you can also easily see both costs in terms of the four resources.

What are the four resources, and how can I visualize them?

The four resources include Material, Human Labor, Machine & Energy. The system displays the resources in bar charts, and more details of a resource are shown when its node is chosen.

Can I view the loss?

Yes, you can. Locate the loss breakdown module on the system, and you will have access to all the information you need. The software breaks down the loss into nodes and resources and is displayed through responsive dynamic bar charts.

How many reports can I generate? 

You can generate reports as many times as you deem fit. All you have to do is locate the reporting module, and depending on your filter; you can generate the Pareto Charts showing corresponding data in the ascending order.